Project Description

280W 10R Mega Pointe moving head

Professinal Beam spot 280W led stage lights robe mega pointe 10R moving head light

BEAM SPOT 280W is a multi-function light that combines BEAM, SPOT and WASH in one fixture.Use Arclite MHD 10R 280 as light lamp.And through meticulous design of the optical system to make beam more smooth and stronger.Both have spot and wash function. This moving head offers a full complement of professional characteristics, including a rotating gobo wheel, static gobo wheel, color wheel, 8-facet circular prism, 6-facet linear prism, variable frost filter, motorized linear focus, motorized ZOOM, variable speed shutter/strobe; and 0-100% mechanical dimmer.It’s suitable for live performances, TV, show, stage,hall and concerts.

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280w 10R 3in1 beam&spot&wash moving head light is a high performance products. High strong 280w lamp, with diversify wheels
inside to project amazing effects. Same channel chart as Robe pointe. realize same lighting library to control the lights by your
desk that controlled Original before.

  • Input Voltage: AC90-240V,50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 470W
  • Lamp Beads: Arclite MHD 10R 280W Lamp
  • Control Signal: DMX 512, Master-slave, Voice, Self-propelled
  • Control Channels: 16/24CH
  • Net Weight : 15.5Kg
  • Gross Weight : 18Kg
  • Product Dimensions : 390*255*590mm
  • Package Size : 450(L)*430(W)*570(H)mm

Product details:

  • Effect and zoom
  • 3D gobo effect
  • 3 user editable programs, each up to 100 steps
  • Beam&wash&zoom
  • Zoom range : 2.5-10 degree beam
  • Zoom range : 5-20 degree spot
  • Motorized linear zoom : 2.5-20 degree
  • Prism1: 8-facet circular prism rptating in both directions at different speeds
  • Prism2 : 6 facet linear prism with continuous roptation in both directions
  • Color wheel : 16 dichronic filters +white
  • Static gobo wheel : 14 gobos plus open
  • Rotating gobo wheel : 9 rotating, indexable and replaceable ‘SLOT&LOCK’ glass gobos plus open