Project Description

36X15W outdoor wash RGBW

36x15W RGBW 4in 1 LED

Beam angle:25°(10°,45°optional)


4inches TFT colorful screen

Software upgrade:quick software upgrade via DMX cable

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  • LED qty:36x15W RGBW 4in 1 LED,uniform and delicate color mixing effect
  • Lens:43mm high intensity PMMA lens
  • Beam angle:25°(10°,45°optional)
  • Lifetime:50000H,lowpower consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection


  • Uniform and delicateRGBW  mixing color system and rainbow effect
  • Manually adjustable White balance
  • Each line of LEDs controlled individually can create more colorful chasing effect
  • Static color set up


  • 7 DMX channel modes:2CH/3CH_1/3CH_2/4CH/13CH/16CH/29CH interational standardDMX-512 channel
  • 3control modes::DMX512、W-DMX、Master-Salve
  • 4G wireless DMX
  • Beam angle:25°(10°,45°optional)
  • DMX function:Dimmer、Strobe、RGBW、Macro color、color jumping change、color gradual change、Rainsbow、Auto-program selection、Auto speed、dimmer curve selection、function setting
  • Stand-alone mode:color jumping change、color gradual chang、Auto-program、slave、Macro color、static color setting、Rainsbow、Auto-program selection
  • Strobe effect:0-20HZ strobe、Puls strobe、Ramp up strobe、Ramp down strobe、Random strobe、 Strobe Break Effekt, 5s…..1s、Strobe0-20Hz。
  • Dimmer:0-100%16bit dimming which can control brightness change and closing of 4colors at the same time
  • LEDs of each line can be controlled in 4colors
  • Dimming way:LED mode and Halogen lampmode


  • 4inches TFT colorful screen
  • High anti-interference four touch buttons
  • Settable button lock to prevent imoperation
  • Display screencan be reversed 180° and fit for different places installation


  • Software upgrade:quick software upgrade via DMX cable
  • Display the use time of the light, so that customers can know the use details of the lightin time
  • LED refresh rate:3000Hz
  • 4kinds of dimming curve:linear dimmer、Sqaure dimmer、 Sqaure dimmer、S-Curve dimmer

Other functions

  • Setting and addessing:RDM
  • LEDs temperature detection system to protect theLEDs
  • Fan cooling(the fan change the speed with the temperature changes)
  • Fan running mode:Auto mode and high speed mode
  • It is a quick and convenient method to change beam angle by adding filter plate on the surface of light with the magnet-pull way

Power/Signal connection

Power connection:waterproof Seetronic powerCON IN (SAC3MPX) / OUT (SAC3FPX)

DMX input:Waterproof DMX XLR  3-pin Seetronic J3F2C-W

DMX output:Waterproof DMX XLR  3-pin Seetronic K3F2C-W


  • AC100-240V 50/60HZ
  • Power consumption:460W

Protection class

  • Housing:Die-cast aluminium
  • IP class:IP65

Operation environment

operation temperature:-20°C~+40°C


  • Packaging size:585x220x425mm
  • Net weight: 12KG
  • Gross weight: 15KG