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This product is a dynamic, IP65 outdoor-rated, 1-meter  long (available in 0.5 meter as well)LED pixel mapping  strip fixture featuring 80 LEDs in a row. Ideal for festivals, concert touring, and installations, this versatile  fixture comes with Black&Clean&Milk&Dome Round&- Flat Square Covers and stunning pre-built content, to  allow you to easily configure and program your shows  in minutes with minimum time/effort for sizzling looks.  Power and control it through our new Dream Strip Drive  3.0 IP on Art-Net, Kling-Net, or DMX.(Dream Strip Drive  3.0 IP IS NEEDED)

Support main stream VJ software such as Madrix,Resolume Arena,Madmapper,touchdesinger etc on the market.

Pixel strip lights are always built for concert,TV show,clubs and some other entainment needs,controllable pixel bars brings nice impressive effects,indoor and outdoor both ok,seetronic accessories make the weatherproof performance brilliant.

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