Project Description

Power distribution box

Typical data:400A Power Rack

Function:Multi-function power meter

Appearance color: Colors can be optional as you prefer

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Power Input:400A,380V

Feature 1: 12x16A CEE PCE 3P output

Feature 2: 8x19pin Socapex output

Feature 3: 3x32A CEE 5P output

Feature 4: 3x63A CEE 5P output

Feature 5: 400A 5P output

Feature 6: 2x Multi-socket output



Advantages as below:

  • Each output has LED indicator lights
  • Each output has breaker
  • Mul-funcon power meter
  • Double layer earthproof flightcase with mute wheel
  • With back illuminate LED lights
  • Flightcase with label parts
  • Flightcase color can oponal(Black as normal)