One Stop supply advantages

Marcs company engages in the field of stage lights for more than 15 years,our one stop supply is reliable,professional,fast response and satisfied by worldwide customers.

  • Efficient work for customers
  • Free of charge stock in our warehouse
  • Each items are strictly tested
  • Sales service follow up
  • Strong troubleshooting and repair abilities

What products you supply?

Marcs supply you below high quality items:

  • Stage lights including moving head(LED lights source,discharge bulbs beam,BSW,CMY+CTO,blades),par lights,beam bar lights,outdoor wash,search lights,battery par,blinders,fresnel studio lights,laser lights,lifting balls tubes,pixel waterproof background tubes etc.
  • Stage effect including smoke machine,fog machine,smoke gun,foam machine,bubble machine,fire flame machine etc.
  • Truss,tent and stage with all kinds
  • Accessories including clamps,safety wire,flight case
  • Indoor outdoor LED wall billboard,video wall including video processing system
  • All kinds of consoles and software programmer
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