How to source reliable supplier from China?
Some customers are always confused in sourcing suppliers in China,most of them visit alibaba,made in china,globalsource etc. B2B platform to select the suppliers,but when you log in,you need to at least register your mailbox to get access to these webpage,then what happened?
Many similar photos,almost the same description of the products,and some ranked posts are firstly showed on your computer.But they are reliable?price,service,quality etc.are all needs to be tested by time.
To make sure you deal with reliable supplier,we think below points should be taken into consideration firstly
1.sales person are very professional and efficiently,as nobody wants to waste time in dealing with each other but with no wanted results.Professionism means they are qualified team,and probably they always pay more attention to the quality control.
2.On-time means the cargo to be finished in time,it indicates their partners cooperate with each other with pleasure.
3.Total service.As a supplier,they are not only a marketing company,but also a OEM design company,they are able to design the fixtures or products based on your requirements.
4.Positive in communication.This means probably the business will get rolling smoothly,as solutions are more than complaints,this is very important for any business.
Above are the basic points for good business,if you are still looking for some suppliers or back-up suppliers,then do not hesitate to contact Marcs sales team,tell us what you need,then we will make it happen,simple like that.